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Fresh influences will affect your thinking perhaps teaching you something you didn't know before. From the 4th who you know and what you can take or give in those interactions will be opening your eyes to new ideas and helping you enlarge your territory in some way.Jupiter entered your sign in late January, there to stay til mid-year. This is the beginning of a cycle of expansion when some of you will travel long-distance or have more contact with foreign cultures or any environment which is unfamiliar to you. Jupiter also gives you the green light to spread your wings, in other ways. To stretch your mind and imagination, find the teacher you seek or become the teacher or guide to others more than before. Jupiter in your Sun-sign will incline you to feel more upbeat and enterprising and able to weather the storms of life in a more philosophical frame of mind. Avoid becoming over-enthusiastic or miss important details from the 21st onwards.Saturn continues to test you through close alliances, putting more on your shoulders but also helping you to build useful connections with others.When Mars moves on the 23rd you begin a 6 week period of a more introspective mood and you should take whatever chances you can to stand back and let others take the strain. Self-nurturing activities will be highlighted and also being a support for those in need.The Solar Eclipse on Jan 4th pulses the energy of change and new beginnings through your professional area for a number of months. Also Pluto there signals now is the time to have a stronger and deeper sense of alignment between your worldly image and your truth to yourself. Since January, you've been busily coping with the practical/physical demands of life and tackling the devil in the detail, so there's likely to be some dealings with those helping you or providing a service, or who you are giving assistance to.You may be trying to get mechanical things running smoothly, also getting straight with repairs, maintenance etc. or paying more attention to health and diet as, in the first 3 weeks, organizing all that basic stuff helps you pave the way for better conditions in the future. Until the 4th you may be thinking creatively about your options and there could be more contact with young people. From then your mental attention will be on the practical aspects of daily life and the to do list.Until the 4th the home base, family or extended family will continue to be a supportive or attractive influence. From the 4th you get more chance to party or at least have access to a more entertaining environment where you can let rip in a creative spontaneous manner. Also this can translate as you promoting something or presenting yourself or something else in a way which is attractive or entertaining. For some this will be a more romantic time or when you feel at the centre of someone else's admiring attention.The Solar eclipse in January opens the way for you to change things for the better through these areas and can help your personality shine over the months to come.Mars is keeping your nose to the grindstone whenever it can, but chances are you will enjoy being creative and innovative in whatever process you are in.

Zodiac Ophiuchus not 12 months, despite crossing the ecliptic. The snake's head was the Greek god Asklepios mysterious priest who resurrected the ability of the dead and heal the sick was. People say that the predictions of Mayan calendar end of world has something to do with the Mayan Calendar Jupiter - Dark with links or Sumerian Babylonian zodiac signs are the stories of creation Tiamut Ophiuchus, Enki and Marduk intertwined. Ophiuchus is the constellation hidden. would sound Mayan calendar end of world end of the world, pass through an asteroid earth a negative effect on the Earth.Views of Jewish monotheism recognizes a single omnipotent God, regardless of any other form of idolatry, human or divine. Lunar months are traditionally important in the Jewish calendar. If three months of 30 days in 90 days, in the neighborhood or in cycles of 19-year Metonic lunar / solar observation end, the new crescent moon was critical computing Jewish calendar. If Mayan calendar end of world will really be true, then we must prepare for survival Sumerian and Babylonian Jewish names show the influence of months. Calendar Sumerians and Babylonians also began months in accordance with the new crescent moon. Monotheism replaced polytheism of the Jews in Mesopotamia. Mayan calendar end of world is just a forecastSumerian cosmology is responsible for a number of principles are the fundamental belief in the Bible. The Sumerians had the honor of being the first inhabitants of the region of the Fertile Crescent. In 8000 BC the Sumerian culture reached a kind of priest-astronomers, improved agricultural techniques and developed the first sexagesimal (base 60) numbering system. Lots of articles has already published online about Mayan calendar end of world Sumerian language has an affinity with the vocabulary and concepts that are similar to the ancient languages of India and Africa. They referred to themselves as "black leaders." Name of the Sudan to the "Land of the Blacks." Bible passages to the Kingdom of Kush in northern Sudan to the Nile is remarkable for more famous. Origin of the name of Adam illustrates the derivation of the Assyrian or man Adami. As per Mayan calendar end of world there will be a new Antichrist.Some references also show Adami is especially the black chief. In light of the year in Ethiopia of 364 calendar days and the full knowledge that cultural exchange took place between North Africa and Egypt, a reasonable assurance that the Sumerian zodiac, astrology and astronomy predicates to Babylon and Egypt. Agreement astrological signs are to measure time to ancient mathematics. Everyone have to face Mayan calendar end of world Photos in landscape art and mind long ago. Astronomical constellations are the modern approach of observation refers exclusively scientific. Many letters contain diagrams showing how to sign Star Line.The Sumerians had year 12 lunar months, based on lunar phases and only two seasons. Was in the spring vernal equinox, a period of six months until the autumn equinox began. Mayan calendar end of world predictions may be true, The winter was the time of harvest by the monthly average of the manuscript, seeds, grains, and cutting will be displayed. The observation of the new moon determines the length of the intercalary months and lunar months were needed to ensure that the lunar year on the track with the solar year. Sumerian days old Hindu and anti-Semitism began later, at sunset. More Nostradamus predictions proved true that Mayan calendar end of world end of the earth can be done in real timeThe Sumerian zodiac had only six houses or groups of stars. Astrology has hidden 12 modern houses, or departments as part of the sky below the horizon, and position numbers of the East at the time of observation. People are afraid of Mayan calendar end of world The first house was up in the seventh house is set in the west, while six houses are visible in the night. The area is home to Sumerians few degrees of 60 or 60 days apart in a year now instead of 30 days from the Division monthly. Sumerians cast the first intellectual foundations of the positions of the planets, which determine the events in the future. Technology says that Mayan calendar end of world is false National issues such as war, drought and a rich harvest, the initial doubts of Mayan . Priest advised the king and other regulatory authorities to act when and how to appease the gods. The sky of the sky, "a" was a masculine nature. Field "Ki" had a feminine nature, and with An and Ki was "Enlil". Enlil was the god of air, which has decided the "Lil" wind and the atmosphere. It's tough to say about Mayan calendar end of worldBabylonian astrology, astronomy offers clues we need to study 360-day-Tun-years and the gap between the Jewish and Mayan calendars. Consider seeing the zodiac on the vernal equinox. Babylonian astronomer priests, a standard set of 18 constellations along the ecliptic and over, and in 2000 a. C stars outside of the belt of the zodiac are useful for orientation. Babylonian astronomer priests later divided the year into 12 constellations. If Mayan calendar end of world is really going to be true then we have to prepare for survival Early rising for about 30 days of each character separately. Precision involved attached building pillars called holy Baal in the Old Testament for observation. Zodiacs early Egypt and Babylon, 36 deans or groups of stars, which were separated by about 10 days a year. Prior to the Julian calendar in Rome, the Romans a calendar 10 months with 36 days a month. We have heard much about the predictions of Mayan calendar end of world today. In 12 months more or less stabilized in its current configuration. Lunar months of 29 or 30 days, became the standard for the nomadic peoples and the expansion of the Greco-Roman culture in large geographical areas. Mesoamerican calendars are the exception to the strict observance moon. Mayan calendar end of world shows as the world endsTo promote correction of the ceremonial centers of the distribution of the 360 day-Tun-years to 18 uinals 20 days each. Maya Lunar Series, or proof that the moon glyphs set of phases and cycles. However, most scripts still unknown moon. There will be a new Antichrist as per Mayan calendar end of worldBabylon worship the starry sky into three different groups around 3000 BC, the north side of the path of Anu. Winter constellations are first and foremost on the path of Anu. Our borders of the widths of the stars we see on the Tropic of Capricorn. All persons must face with Mayan calendar end of world The expansion of the equator in the space creates a mathematical plane which is aligned with the celestial equator. Babylonians replaced the Sumerian mother earth "Ki" with "EA". East to the western horizon identified, the central path of the EA modern blue Ecuador. Countdown has started for Mayan calendar end of worldTo the south lies the path of Enlil band. Latitude push the envelope of the stars in the summer sky above the Tropic of Cancer. Calendar months have 30 days after the rule of "three stars." Each star was dean of another band in the sky. Often carved figures, the spirits of each of the 36 stars decane. A new star shines almost every day decane 10th The deans were powerful gods, great. Decan stars as companions and guides to help the dead. Some organizations has already provided some guidelines to survive Mayan calendar end of worldSome stars awarded blessing, while others are hostile or negative.Mesoamerican calendar distinguish a night sky visible between the years of 260 days, 13 Tzolken sacred constellations of the zodiac animals. Celestial equator, the ecliptic or later Tzolken determines the Mayan calendar. Babylonian and Egyptian zodiacs to all the 36 stars with a decane year to concentrate "three star" idea. Half of the 36 stars of 18 decane decane visible stars for six months in the winter and summer. Everyone have to face Mayan calendar end of worldThe remaining 18 stars belong to the opposition, Dean of six months and are below the horizon. Again, the Sumerians observed from six to 60 degrees, the houses, which later became the first Babylon 18 zodiac signs. In 1200 BC, the Olmecs of Central America occupied the 13 zodiac signs visible 260 days-Tzolken-sacred-years. This year 360 days and 365 days in the Haab Tun-years are later additions to the Mesoamerican calendar. Mayan calendar end of world predictions may be true, The path of the ecliptic replaces the central path of the EA reference to the sky by a factor of three anti-Semitic share. The narrowing of the Sumerian-Babylonian numbering sexagesimal (base 60) to later Mesoamerican vigesimal (base 20), it follows that the Mesoamerican 360-day-Tun-years was 20 degrees with houses for their astrological signs. More Nostradamus predictions proved true that Mayan calendar end of world end of the earth can be done in real time Each astrological decane uinal three other stars in the samples of 18 tribes uinals doing Zodiac Mesoamerican overrides the internal 12-Sumerian Babylonian zodiac, which had three stars in each deanery.Babylonian and Egyptian 360-day calendar-years are equal to 36 decan stars by 10 days each multiplied. (Equation 1) The results of 260 days Tzolken-sacred-year of 13 zodiac signs holy Tzolken 20 days each. People are afraid of Mayan calendar end of world (Equation 2) The Mayan calendar of 360 days action responses from 18 to 20 days each multiplied uinals. (Equation 3) to the anti-Semitic cosmology of the Mayan moon goddess Venus the goddess Ishtar appears Compared regeneration and fertility. As the goddess of the moon through sacred number 13 and 18 groups of stars called the 18 tribes, is the profile of the fertility of an occupied "Rabbit in the Moon". Technology says that Mayan calendar end of world is falseMesoamerican cultures, in marked contrast to the way the Moon Star Eighteen of Babylon on the ecliptic, the apparent motion of the sun and the moon have adapted. Zodiac Greek astronomy 2,000 years ago provided 12 names of 12 zodiac signs. It's tough to say about Mayan calendar end of worldGreco-Roman zodiac was always along the ecliptic. Agreement with the Egyptian zodiac has been shown, the ecliptic is a priority for the astral cult was. Today there are several different combinations of the zodiac and Mayan are a consequence of the personal resources, once reserved for kings and chiefs. People say that the predictions of Mayan calendar end of world has something to do with the Mayan Calendarwould sound Mayan calendar end of world end of the world, pass through an asteroid earth a negative effect on the Earth.EquationsSemitic calendar year of 360 days1st 36 decan starsx 10 days= 360 half days per yearMaya 260-day-sacred-Tzolken years, 13 relate to animal gods 13 constellations of the zodiac2nd 13 animals of the godsx 20 days= 260 days Tzolken-sacred-yearsMaya 360-day-Tun-year-old, 18 to refer uinals early Babylonian constellations of the zodiac 18 If Mayan calendar end of world will really be true, then we must prepare for survival3rd 18 uinals20 daysTun = 360 days a yearAre you a pastor, teacher or student of the Bible? seeks anointed people to review and contribute to the age of Adam ministry. Mayan calendar end of world is just a forecast Ancient lunar / solar as the Jews and the Maya the foundation for understanding the beginning. Ancient calendars of the differences in the use of the Bible between the moon and sun, numerical matching and a 364-day calendar year X number of days corresponding to describe X number of years. Ages of Adam is a free reading program Lots of articles has already published online about Mayan calendar end of worldClark Nelson is webmaster and author Age of Adam and later Holy of Holies. Contact for more information. People say that the predictions ofmayan calendar end of worldhas something to do with the Mayan Calendar ? Copyright 2006 Clark Nelson All rights reserved.

Just as the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere is currently in the constellation Pisces, so that the winter solstice in the constellation Sagittarius, the constellation that is crossed by the galactic equator. Each year during the last 1000 years, the winter solstice, the earth, the sun and the galactic equator in the lineup, and each year, pushes the precession of the position of the sun a bit more about the Milky Way band.The New-Ager of the hypothesis argue that the galactic alignment, such as astrology, the positions of stars and planets used to statements about future events, traces of the Maya calendar in its preparation for the major world events. However, the issue of alignment is not unique to 2012 but over a period of 36 years ago, according to the diameter of the sun, with the precise convergence has already taken over in 1998.The world must end in 2012, according to popular history of 2012 real.A remarkable aspect of the great civil war of mayan calendar prophecies is very strange wrong time. It would end or begin in calendar year mayan calendar prophecies of forgery, it is difficult to know. System and Technology, said he did not plan the plan may, 2012 real. A remarkable aspect of the great civil war, mayan calendar prophecies very strange wrong.So it? Do all the claims of the significance of 2012 are like a grain of truth, wrapped in a layer of hysterical hype? Let's look a little more. The system is very old Civil and Mayan calendar prophecies or may be bad wrong. The theory comes from a fairy tale and the girl that the mayan calendar prophecies or wrong and unique in the history.Ah, Nostradamus. This doctor often Century City 16 and its cryptic quatrains predictor was history's most respected psychic. A number of his quatrains are considered by experts from the prophecy of our time, and prevent terrible events. It is estimated that about 50% of his prophecies were fulfilled. While this is happening in some circles, is a surprisingly high number of visits, it is recalled that this is an equal number of odd too ... and even delete are open to interpretation. Never, never, not expressly mentioned 2012th In fact, he said that his view of the extension of the 38 years old, it is not mankind fulfill its bloody end in the short term seems all the same. And highlight specific dates, we have to wait and see - in hindsight - if Nostradamus had no actual knowledge of current events.